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Run this program

Execute syncfb2k.exe_. Then, a Wizard interface will appear.


Step 1 - Choose a Library


Note that a library contains information about a device. You can see which device is used on the text block. After selecting a library, press Next button.

Step 2 - Connect the Device


If the device is not detected, Next button will be disabled. You need to connect the device so that the device is mounted on a drive or a folder. Then, press Check button which makes this program detect the device again.

Step 3 - Run foobar2000


foobar2000 should run with COM Automation server; otherwise, this program will never detect foobar2000. If this program can detect foobar2000, Done button will be enabled.

Pressing Done button will close the wizard.

Main Window

Review the Status


You can see all songs that belong to the foobar2000 playlist specified by the library. Some columns have special meaning:
  • Artist, Album, TrackName
  • Encoding: codec
  • Library Path: audio path in the computer
  • Device Path: audio path in the device
  • Status: the status of this file
  • Actions: required actions to synchronize this file

Three values are possible in Status column.
  • junk (red): this audio file does not exist in the foobar2000 playlist
  • not synchronized yet (orange): this audio file has not been synchronized yet
  • up to date (green): this audio file was already synchronized

Audio files marked as not synchronized yet will be converted and copied to the device. During conversion, each action shown in Actions column will be sequentially performed.
  • two documents: copying an audio file is performed
  • microphone: transcoding is performed (see Transcoding)
  • a: romanization is performed (see Hangul)
  • image: embedding an artwork is performed (see Artwork)

Mark 'Force Synchronization'

Sometimes, you may want to copy some audio files to the device again even though the device already has those files. Double-clicking that row will change the icon in the Status column as the following image shows.


Double-clicking again will turn off 'force synchronization' flag.

Start Synchronization

Press Copy to Device button will start synchronization. You can stop synchronization by clicking Stop button. However, Stop will not stop the procedure immediately. This program will stop after finishing the file that was being handled at the time Stop was pressed.

You will see the icon in Status column is turned to green.

Remove Junks

junk (red) icon indicates that this file exists in the device, but does not exist in the foobar2000 playlist. You can remove those junky files by pressing Remove Junks. Those files will be removed from the list.

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