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Project Description
This program is a GUI program that helps you to synchronize songs of foobar2000 playlists with various devices that have different restrictions such as codec, artwork, directory structure and Hangul by transcoding, embedding, flattening and romanizing, respectively.

This program is for
  • those who use foobar2000 or are willing to use it
  • those who own mp3 players, smartphones or car audios that have restrictions on codec, artwork, directory structure and/or Hangul. Currently, the following devices are considered, but you can add more.

This program is not for
  • those who don't want to use foobar2000
  • those who are totally happy with iTunes and iPod

What this program can do
  • Transcoding: this program can convert FLAC and OGG files into MP3 files
  • Artwork: this program can embed an artwork in a MP3 file
  • Directory structure: this program can flatten directory hierarchies
  • Hangul: this program can romanize Hangul (Korean alphabet)

How to use
For more information, refer to

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